Dream Big, Princess

leave the glass slippers behind & grab your running shoes


"Dream Big, Princess!"

That's what my parents always said to me.  And let me tell you, it really stuck.  

In February, this 'lil princess will be running 19.3 miles!

My Dad was my biggest supporter, my cheerleader, my grilled cheese chef, and the one who first & most frequently called me his princess.  2020 will mark 5 years since my family and I lost him.  So in his honor, 2020 will also proudly mark my first attempt at a half marathon.  In fact, I'll be taking it a step further by conquering both the 1/2 and the 10k the day before. Yup 19.3 miles in 2 days!

I am raising money for a charity that's important to me, and I hope you will consider doing so too:

School was never an easy place for me.  A series of bullies across many many years of my childhood into teenage years made it difficult to build any kind of self-confidence.  Thankfully, my Mom and Dad consistently kept my spirits high and showed me there is so much else out there in the World.

Girls On The Run is set up to help young girls with exactly these same types of issues.  Young girls who may not have as wonderful parents as I had.

The struggle to find yourself.. your confidence... your voice... it never stops.  But through running and physical activity, I've found there IS a sense of clarity and magic under each step that can get you closer and closer to being YOU. 

I'm following my dreams every day and would love if you could join me in donating to Girls On The Run to help all girls find the strength to be themselves and follow their dreams from such a young age. Please help me to bring the Disney princess magic to so many young girls that need it & need to remember to have...

...faith & hope like Tiana 
...wisdom like Pocahontas
...explorer-spirit like Ariel 
...curiosity like Belle 
...fearlessness like Merida 
...warrior-pride like Mulan 
...tender caring like Snow White
...dreams that know no bounds like Rapunzel 

Even if you're just able to support through your words and love, it will be appreciated.

Thank you!

Jenn Christiansen

Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon Weekend - Fairy Tale Challenge 19.3 Miles // February 2020

As a thank you, for any donations over $50, you will receive a handmade pair of Mickey ears for your next Disney trip!!